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Here's a portal to a whole treasury of Web sites belonging to artists, musicians,
poets, scholars, merchants, and designers whose work has done much to inspire us, to
encourage us in our endeavors, or even to shape our philosophy and aesthetic sensibilities.
If you want to add to your cultural reportoire, or explore lovely new realms of archaic strangeness,
or maybe even gain some insights into what makes us tick, then you have come to the right place!

Amazon Dry Goods Well established in business before that other Amazon, this site is a rich vein of supplies for the cultural time traveler. Here you will find hundreds of historical sewing patterns, reproductions of clothing, footwear, and accessories from the 18th through early 20th centuries, sewing supplies and notions, and even some genuine antiques.

Beats Antique This uniquely brilliant trio combines mesmeric rhythms with exotic instrumentation, entrancing dances, amazing costumes, and astounding visual displays for a truly psychedelic experience. Most highly recommended!

Edge of the Circle This old-school Pagan-Occult bookstore, now located in the University District of Seattle near the Neptune Theater, is truly a regional treasure! Here you will find a rich diversity of literature, tarot decks, and all manner of magickal supplies and accoutrements. The shop has also long served as a community center and networking hub. We hope to see more of Robert and his associates as time goes by!

Faun Imagine the best of mediaeval folk music re- energized from deep Pagan roots and reincarnated with brilliance and charisma! You simply must experience the exquisite power, beauty, and elegance of Faun!

Edward Gorey With his Neo-Decadent draftsmanship, his erudite background, and his matchless melding of the macabre and the ludicrous, the great Edward Gorey has been a huge influence upon us for a long, long time. You might even call him a patron saint of Ravenland! The keepers of his house on Cape Cod are also keeping alive his artistic legacy and his concern for animal welfare. There is no better destination for all things Goreyesque!

Jade Liqueurs An authentic hero of the millenial absinthe revival, T.A. Breaux of New Orleans spent decades researching in dusty archives and analyzing precious Belle-Epoque-era remnants molecule by molecule. Along the way, he contributed much to online discussions where actual facts about absinthe were disseminated and false myths about it were debunked. Now he is truly living the dream, producing Lucid Absinthe and even higher and finer brands in antique copper alembics at the Combier Distillery in the Valle de Loire.

Knottwood Adventures Our longtime friend Marya Franczieska Miller, to whom we will always be grateful for putting together the second incarnation of Ravenland.com back in 2007, is known for her paintings, drawings, fiction, prints, and photographs, as well as her copywriting and Web design. By far her most extensive and amusing site is the one featured here, where dolls, children, and action figures run amok together, spouting often-hilarious dialogue. WARNING: your inner child may get lost in Knottwood and fail to come home for tea!

Omnia With pulsing, primal rhythms and precise musicianship, these dashing outlaw rebels of the Pagan folk scene really know how to electrify a festival! Tapping deep wells of animistic energy, their songs defy all forms of oppression and conjure up visions of world- wide freedom. Furthermore, they are some of the most charming people that you'll ever meet!

Pacifique Absinthe At last the Pacific Northwest has a fine absinthe to call its own! This authentic, finely crafted spirit delivers an elegant flavor profile and a refreshing tonic lift. It compares well to the better absinthes from France and Switzerland.

The Pyramid Collection Adventurous goddesses incarnate will most likely get great pleasure from browsing through all the lovely garments, jewelry, and accessories at Pyramid. Friendly to emergent spiritualities, festival culture, and the sensibilities of creative souls, the proprietors evoke visions of a more joyous, romantic, and flamboyant world within our grasp. Also, the copy in their catalog has a higher cultural tone than most such writing!

Rasputina There is only love and admiration in our hearts for Rasputina, a trio led and masterminded by the ingenious cellist Melora Creager. While their folk-rock-classical sounds are a delight to the ear, it is Melora's voice and lyrics—those historically informed, sardonically witty, and creatively cross-referential lyrics—that really hooked us, as well as their neo-Victorian aesthetic and Ms. Creager's arch yet utterly adorable persona.

Algernon Charles Swinburne Scintillating scholar, aristocratic rebel, incisive critic, and the greatest poet of late Victorian England, Algernon Charles Swinburne is truly one of the Decadent immortals! Some consider him the English analogue of the American Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Baudelaire of France, although the breadth and subtlety of his genius undoubtedly surpassed even those two notables. His brilliant writings can easily be seen as a bridge between the 17th-century Druidic yearnings of Aubrey, Stukeley, and Blake, and the 20th-century revival of occultism and Paganism championed by Leland, Murray, Crowley, Gardner, and Valiente. As a wonderful boon to all literati, Neo-Pagans, classicists, Neo-Decadents, and High Gothic aesthetes, Indiana University has assembled a browsable and searchable archive of all the Master's works, along with invaluable supplemental material.

Talismana Designs Eve, our magickal friend and Faerieworlds neighbor, is truly a class act! Whether you're a belly dancer, a steampunk, a festival fanatic, or a neo-tribal fashionista, she and her associates have what you need—clothing, jewelry, and accessories, all exquisitely designed and finely produced. (Further kudos to Eve for coming up with one of the coolest business names ever!)

Shanna Trumbly An inspiration to her fellow Eugenean artists, Ms. Trumbly has gone from success to success, working in a succession of different art forms. At this point, she is best known for her stylized paintings of wild creatures, which, although pretty and colorful, have intriguing dark and poignant undertones. To learn more about her and her work, or to order prints, just follow the link to her site.

Victorian Trading Co. From estate-quality furniture to opera cloaks to candlesticks and stationery, one could fill a mansion with all the well-made reproductions available from this company. We ourselves have ordered a number of them over the years! Even browsing through their catalog is enough to induce a dreamy reverie of the Belle Epoque!

Woodland Lyric poems of subtlety and uncompromising mystical power, sung with a disarming and entrancing sweetness, accompanied by tunes that could have graced the halls of Rivendell— such is the music of Woodland! This profoundly romantic band forms the beating heart of the Faerieworlds cultural community, and thus it also projects unseen waves of magickal influence in a way unmatched by any other musical ensemble.

Xylem Described by our own Ziggy as "heavenly soft," garments from Xylem Organic Clothing are no less elegant than they are comfortable. Flattering to just about any figure, these attractive, new-millenium styles can be worn about town or around the house, or in many cases accessorized or enhanced for festival wear.

Yes Natural Lubricants Bohemian lovers requiring some facilitation of their amours are well advised to consult the wise women at YesYesYes.org (readers of James Joyce will note the reference!). To the best of our knowledge, these are the safest, mildest, and purest products of their kind to be found anywhere on Earth.

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