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What is Ravenland?

Geomantically speaking, it is the mystical region of the Pacific Northwest, the domain of the mighty, indigenous Raven God. Archetypally speaking, it is the boundless, protean realm of shape-shifting, magick, and mystery. Locally speaking, it is the ever-evolving place-that-is-not-a-place where Ziggy and Kevin live and love and pursue their mad visions.

What about Ravenland Arts the business, specifically?

Ziggy Blum began selling her works under this name back in the 1990s, and re-founded the business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in partnership with Kevin Runey in 2011.

Are your pots oven proof?

Yes, but definitely NOT straight from the refrigerator to the oven! Sudden, drastic changes of temperature can cause items made of stoneware (or other clays, porcelain, or glass) to crack or break.

Are there any harmful chemicals such as lead in your glazes?

Definitely not! We use only glazes which are certified as dinnerware-safe by ASTM standards. These are free of lead and cadmium, and meet industry-wide standards.

Are your pots and mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes, although one must be very careful of ravens’ beaks or other protruding appendages.

How about microwave safe?

Oxides in the clay and glaze can cause some items to heat up unevenly in the microwave. While this is generally safe, we do not recommend using our ware in the microwave, especially for long periods. This caution holds true for any non-industrial ceramics.

Do you sell online only through your Online Shop at Etsy.com?

No. Although many customers find Etsy to be the most convenient venue, we can set up sales directly via email, and accept payment via PayPal.com, check, or money order. If you have seen something that you like in our Gallery, or perhaps at a fair or festival, just inquire via email (click here) as to whether we have something similar in stock or expect to have soon.

If you are so natural and primal, then why do you use those styrofoam "peanuts" for packing your shipments?

Although we do not love this material aesthetically or philosophically, it does provide very effective protection with very low weight, thus saving energy and money with every package. Also, we never buy new styro, and so by reusing this non-biodegradable material we keep it out of the waste stream. Finally, we also reuse biodegradable cellulose "peanuts" quite often.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, from time to time. Ms. Blum explains in further detail: “I do like to have a fairly extensive dialogue with customers to be reasonably sure I can create a piece which satisfies their wants; there are size and color limitations, for example, and depending on many factors (how busy I am, how long it will take a piece to dry, how complicated it is, etc.) the time involved can vary a great deal. If you think you might be interested in having an item custom made, please contact me via email (click here) or via Facebook message (click here) for further information.”

Do you sell your work in stores?

At the moment, we have a limited selection (mostly proprietary Kiva Mugs) available at The Kiva (kivagrocery.com) in downtown Eugene, Oregon. In the near future we plan to add more outlets in Portland and other cities and towns. If you are an interested retailer, please do email us (click here)—we would certainly be willing to discuss the possibility.

Do you plan to add more fairs or festivals to your circuit?

Yes we do, although it is our policy to conduct careful research before committing to a show. If you know of any event in Oregon, Washington, or Northern California that you think might be a good fit for us, we would certainly appreciate an email (click here) in case we haven’t yet heard about it.

What’s with all the artsy posturing, when so much of what you sell could be described as housewares or novelties?

For one thing, as Horace pointed out in his Ars Poetica, the intrinsic validity of art is not dependent upon its form, and thus the practicality of our wares does not detract from their essentially artistic character. For another thing, we feel that subversive humor is actually a powerful component of aesthetic magick. Yet on the other hand, we have produced a fair number of items that can unequivocally be described as “fine art,” and plan to produce a good many more. The truth is that we really enjoy trampling all over the conventional boundaries between fine art, craft-work, product design, and graphic design.

Is there some particular ideology or agenda behind the Ravenland Graphics portfolio?

Not exactly. Like other publishing houses, we endeavor to set an interesting variety of materials before the public, hoping thereby to effect a productive stimulation of the collective mind. Nevertheless, we are inevitably guided by our own loose-knit collage of sensibilities, which tend to be animistic, feminist, neo-Pagan, liberal, satirical, libertarian, neo-Decadent and bohemian. We would not feel comfortable purveying matter of an oppressive or anti-progressive character.

What about those anti-circumcision stickers and shirts; there isn’t some anti-Semitic motive here, is there?

Certainly not! These items, sincerely offered as a progressive public service, were provoked primarily by the abusive practice of medical circumcision in the USA. And that was inspired not by any Semitic prophet but rather by gentile quacks and crackpots of the late Victorian era. As further clarification, please note that a literal circumcision rite is by no means universal within the Semitic faith communities of Judaism and Islam, with many adherents substituting a symbolic ritual or alternative ceremony. Beyond this, we refer you to the most authoritative and definitive book on the subject, The Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow, PhD (available at Amazon.com and elsewhere).

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